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Fundraising Highlights

Customer Satisfaction - Our #1 Priority!!

  • 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee on all products and prizes! Full refund, and you keep the profit!

  • Your customer service calls can be handled by Superb Fundraising.

  • All late orders and adjustments ship within 24 hours of your phone call.

  • Customer Service Hotline: 1-800-624-4598

  • "How To" Chairperson Handbook is provided.

Focus on Safety - Your child's safety can
never be over-emphasized!

  • Salesman will emphasize safety during "kick-off" program.

  • Order Form and Prize Program states, "We DO NOT endorse "door-to-door" sales!

Online Shopping - Increased Sales and Higher Profits!
  • Out-of-town family and friends can make online purchases to support your fundraiser.

  • School gets the profit, seller gets the prize credit, and the customer's product ships directly to their home!

  • 24/7 Chairperson internet access to view online sales and totals in real time.

Packets Arrive Ready to Hand Out - We Make It EASY!
  • All material is collated into packets by Superb. The packet includes all the material the child needs to participate - parent letter, brochures, order form, money envelope, and prize program.

  • We will even create and print the parent letter for you, after your approval.

  • The packets arrive at the school separated into groups of 25 for easy distribution.

3-Part Order Form - Just in case someone loses a copy!
  • Families keep a copy - You keep a copy - Superb keeps a copy!

  • Homeroom envelopes are provided to keep order forms separated and organized.

  • A pre-paid / self-addressed envelope is provided to mail orders back to Superb.

Computer Report Detailing Sale - Easy to read and understand!
  • Report includes: Overall summary, internet sales, results by homeroom, top sellers, prize summary, drawing tickets, and verification errors! Printed and bound on regular copy paper for easy handling.

  • 24/7 Chairperson internet access to view totals, reports, and invoice online.

"State-of-the-Art" Scanning Equipment - Used to pack orders!
  • Every item is individually scanned by barcode to assure accuracy!

  • Scanning by barcode gives us 99.8% order accuracy!

  • Scanning = Fewer Packing Errors = Less Headaches for Chairperson!

Orders Individually Packed for Each Student!


  • Every order is individually packed and labeled with large, easy-to-read labels!

  • We use uniformly-sized boxes with handles to provide protection and convenience!

  • All you have to do is hand out the orders!

Professional Delivery - Delivered in our own company trucks!
  • All orders are delivered by our drivers - assuring an on-time and friendly experience!

  • Our driver will unload and sort student orders by homeroom for you!

  • We provide you with pre-printed homeroom signs for easy distribution!

Wheel of Prizes - Our custom prize program puts
the FUN into FUNdraising!

  • Prize program is based on items sold.
  • Prizes packed with student's order for all pre-paid and mid paid sales!
  • Program starts with selling just 1 item!

Y.E.S. Your Efforts Show - Participation Kick-Off Kit!
  • Large hallway posters to help promote your sales!
  • Classroom poster with participation Goal Sheet to help increase sales!

Online Sales Drawing
  • Any child that sends 5 emails to family and friends will be entered into our drawing to win a very nice prize.

  • One will be given away every week from Labor Day until Thanksgiving! There is no purchase necessary, and the drawing is company-wide.

Kick-Off Program
  • Your Superb representative will come to the school for the "kick-off" of your sale.

  • They will review, with the students, the importance of safety when fundraising.

  • Display samples of merchandise and prizes.

Fundraiser & Holiday Shoppe Combined Bonus
  • Each student selling 15 items during the fundraiser will receive $5 to use at this year's Holidayland Kid's Shoppe.

  • An additional $5 will be given for every 10 items sold, thereafter.

FREE Dollar for Every Child - to spend at the Holiday Shoppe!
  • Every child receives a $1.00 coupon, when you use Superb for your Fall Fundraiser and Holiday Shoppe!
Request a Free Information Kit
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